This is an on-line class for beer appreciation and preparation for the BJCP Exam. To get the most from this class YOU MUST DRINK BEER. This is best taught in a LIVE class where you can get LIVE feedback!!!! But there is a demand from those that are remote from all of us Beer Nuts and this is an attempt to provide this service.

One of the most important aspects of these classes is the evaluation of beer. In order to do this you MUST buy and evaluate beer from the classic/commercial style recommendations. If you are not willing or are unable to do this there is little point in continuing. To get the most out of this class it is important to evaluate all of the beers, even those that you don't like, or think that you won't like. When I teach my live class these are the beers that are most often the most appreciated. This is the activity that will inform you the most of the wide world of beer. Thus I encourage you to buy a bottle of each and every beer style we discuss for evaluation.

The recommended classic/commercial recommendations are used because we want you to learn how the various styles are supposed to taste. The people at the BJCP have done an outstanding job of listing description for all the styles that are commonly homebrewed, but until you are experienced at recognizing the indicated flavors, and the intensity of those flavors the descriptions do not hold as much value. To assist with this we will have a BJCP Master or better judge or judges tasting and scoring this beer with you on-line.

In addition much information about the brewing process, and the components of the brewing process will be introduced. The BJCP study guide will be what is used to direct our conversations, which will include links to various other sources. Much of the technical material presented is derived from the study guide. My thanks to all those that have prepared the material, it took a LOT of work.

The EXAM. While it is not necessary to take the exam, it is the only way your skills can be recognized by the BJCP. The exam is tough but fair (no one is trying to trick you) and is likely the most writing you will have ever done in 3 hours. If you make a serious effort at pursuing this course you have an excellent possibility of scoring sufficiently high to be eventually ranked as a Recognized, Certified, or even National Judge. Besides, you will get to tell your friends that you are a Beer Judge, and then produce the documentation to back that up. Now how cool is that!!!

The LEGAL stuff: We do not promote either under-age drinking or drinking in excess or un-responsibly. If you are not of legal drinking age where you reside, please respect us and do not participate. We cannot assume any responsibility for your consumption of alcohol.

The following is a waiver. Proceeding with the class indicates your agreement with this waiver.
My participation in this class is entirely voluntary. I know that participation in this class involves consumption of alcoholic beverages and that this consumption may affect my perceptions and reactions. I accept responsibility for my conduct, behavior and actions and completely absolve all others of responsibility for my conduct, behavior and actions.

This course is intended to be a multimedia experience. We will bring in expert speakers from wherever we can find them. You will listen to style experts, the President of the BJCP, technical gurus, and technique experts.