• The BJCP

    The three primary purposes of the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) are

    1. Promote beer literacy
    2. Promote the appreciation of real beer
    3. Recognize beer tasting and evaluation skills

    (Donít tell anyone but this WILL be on the exam!!!)

    This course is based around information from the BJCP (/) and uses their references extensively.

    This course will cover, at least in part, items 1 & 2 above while in the process of increasing your beer knowledge and (item #3) evaluation skills.

    Approximately 60-70% of the overall exam (4 "Style" Questions, 3 Cities question, Classic Style question, plus the 4 beers to be evaluated. 6/10 essay questions plus the 4 beer tasting section for a total of 10/14 of the overall "questions") is based on style knowledge, the remainder is based on various other aspects of brewing.

    We will go through all of the BJCP recognized styles of beer

    Judging Levels
    Judges vary widely in their skill and experience. As a result, the BJCP recognizes various levels of accomplishment. An individualís level of certification is determined by two factors: exam score and experience points earned through AHA/BJCP Sanctioned Competition Program events. The different levels and the criteria for achieving them are outlined below.

    • APPRENTICE - someone who has taken the BJCP exam, but failed to score at least 60 percent. No experience points are required, but the judge must remain active.
    • RECOGNIZED - minimum score of 60 percent on the exam. No experience points are necessary to attain this level.
    • CERTIFIED - minimum score of 70 percent on the exam and at least five experience points, 2.5 of which must be judging points.
    • NATIONAL - minimum score of 80 percent on the exam and at least 20 experience points, 10 of which must be judging points.
    • MASTER - minimum score of 90 percent on the exam and at least 40 experience points, 20 of which must be judging points.
    • GRAND MASTER I - minimum score of 90 percent on the exam and at least 100 experience points, 50 of which must be judging points. A grading and service requirement for the BJCP must also be fulfilled; rules for the Grand Master Service Requirement can be found at /gmsr.php.
    • GRAND MASTER - ADDITIONAL LEVELS - Additional levels (II, III, IV, etc.) can be earned in 100 experience point increments with additional grading and service requirements following the rules for the Grand Master Service Requirement.
    • HONORARY MASTER - is temporarily bestowed on judges who serve as operatives of the program (Regional Director, Exam Director, Program Administrator, etc.) at their discretion for the duration of their service if they have not already earned at least the Master rank. The rank may also be awarded, in special cases, to judges who have demonstrated Master Judge proficiency but who have not necessarily taken the exam. This status is determined by the BJCP Board of Directors.
    • HONORARY GRAND MASTER Ė Created in 2005, this is a permanent rank bestowed upon individuals by the BJCP Board of Directors for extraordinarily long and meritorious service involving significant, meaningful and continuous work for the BJCP program. Individuals receiving this rank are authorized to wear and use the Grand Master pin and rank.

    A person who has not taken the BJCP exam but who judges in competitions is generally referred to as a Novice Judge. This is not an official BJCP rank, but this description is used on the BJCP scoresheets. Novice judges should only judge in AHA/BJCP sanctioned competitions if approved by the competition organizer.