• Calendar listing of scheduled competitions

    This list shows all upcoming sanctioned competitions. Most competitions need more BJCP judges. If you're interested in judging, please contact the organizer shown in the listing for details.

    Competition Registration

    Competition Reporting

    • Online reporting helps an organizer submit the required reports after the competition. NOTE: If you registered your competition since July 14, 2024, wait until after the next web update – your competition will not likely be loaded in our reporting application.
    • Received Organizer Reports where you can check to see if a report has been submitted.
    • Delinquent Organizer Reports so you can help us by asking the organizer to get the report submitted.
    • Retroactive Points If you are a new judge, wait until you have received notification that you have been assigned a Judge ID AND that the judge record web site has been updated before reviewing your judge record. We scan for retroactive points twice: when your judge record is initially created, and when your exam results are posted. Please do not contact us for retroactive points before these have occurred. If you do note an omission after these events have occurred, please contact the IT Director, providing the name, date and competition ID, as well as the role you performed and the points you are claiming. Before sending the message, check that the competition report has been submitted using the Received Organizer Reports link above. If you are not on the report, you will be asked to contact the competition organizer to confirm your participation.
    • Provisional Judges. Those who passed the online exam but who have not taken the tasting exam are not yet BJCP judges. Do not request retroactive points or request a Judge ID! These will be assigned when you take the tasting exam. You may still judge in competitions as a non-BJCP judge; simply provide your name and then use that same name on your registration materials when you take the BJCP exam. Competition organizers: record these judges by name (not ID) as non-BJCP judges.

    Competition Supplies

    Queued Judging

    Instructions on the queued judging technique used in the AHA NHC. Very useful for any competition that has multi-flight categories.

    Reference Materials

    • How to Judge Beer, a one-page introduction to judging beer and completing the BJCP scoresheet. Perfect for the new judge. Written by Grand Master Judge Peter Garofalo.
    • Scoresheet Labels is a template you can open in a word processor (it's optimized for Word). Use the search and replace function to change the template words to your own personal information. Then print it to a sheet of Avery 5160 labels, available at most office supply stores. Many judges like to use labels instead of writing their information on every scoresheet. These will fit nicely in the space on standard BJCP scoresheets. Thanks to Gordon Strong for this idea.
    • Scoresheet Color Logo Labels is the same sort of template, but with the BJCP logo in color. Knock out a set of these on your color printer and you're certain to be the envy of the other judges at your table.
    • Competition Handbook(*) is the organizer's bible.
    • Judge Procedures Manual(*) helps competition organizers understand the roles of judges and stewards, and has information on supplies needed, with specific instructions for judges during a competition. You can also download it as a PDF file.
    • Electronic Entry/Recipe Form. A PDF version of the recipe form that allows you to enter, save and print data. You can set up your own template this way.
    • Electronic Bottle ID Form. A PDF version of the bottle form that allows you to enter, save and print data. You can set up your own template this way.

    Alternate Forms for Specific Uses

    These forms are not the primary competition materials, but may be useful in certain circumstances. No special approval is needed to use these forms (competitions can use any scoresheets they want), but please use common sense in using them only in the situations for which they were designed. These forms are not the "new" versions of scoresheets, or intended as a replacement. Exams will be given based on the traditional BJCP scoresheet.

    • Beer Checklist (PDF) A quick checklist-based beer scoresheet covering perhaps 80% of the sensory information necessary for any beer.
      Restrictions: Very useful for judge sensory training and recording tasting notes. Used since 2007 in the AHA NHC Second Round. May be useful in situations where a beer has already been evaluated in an earlier judging round, where full judge feedback is not required or desired, or where it is necessary to judge a large number of entries in a limited time. If used as a substitute scoresheet, judges must provide additional written feedback in the comments section to justify the scores awarded and to amplify checkmarked notations. Judges should be notified in advance that this scoresheet will be used, and encouraged to judge one to four beers in advance to gain familiarity with their use. Must be used in conjunction with the Checklist Instructions and Beer Faults Troubleshooter sheets when used in a competition setting.
    • Checklist Instructions (PDF) Instructions on how to use and interpret the checklist scoresheet. Intended for judges and entrants.
      Restrictions: Must be used whenever the checklist scoresheet is used. It doesn't make sense to use it in any other context.
    • Beer Faults Troubleshooter (PDF) One-page list of common faults and potential remedies.
      Restrictions: None. This form may be used in conjunction with any scoresheet, or be used as a training tool. It must be used whenever the checklist scoresheet is used.
    • Electronic (PDF) version of the Beer Scoresheet. This is a PDF scoresheet that you can use to enter, save and print your data. It may be of use for recording scoresheet information in a non-competition setting and sharing it with others. You can set it up with your personal information and save it as a template. All the checkboxes are active, you can tab between fields, and your text is automatically resized if you enter more than expected. It even adds your subtotals for you. Thanks to Phil Wilcox for creating this.
      Restrictions: Do not print this for competition use.

    Competition Software

    • HCCP Homebrew Competition Coordination Program is a competition software program developed by Al Folsom. It produces an XML file that can be emailed to the IT Director in lieu of using the BJCP Online reporting system.
      Caution: HCCP version 1.2.4 produces properly formatted organizer reports that you can submit. Do NOT submit organizer reports from any earlier version; you can enter them directly in our online reporting system.

    • Brew Competition Online Entry & Management is an online homebrew competition management software system by Geoff Humphrey.

    • Reggie Beer Competition Manager is an online homebrew competition management software system by Nelson Crowle.

    • Your Own Software might be a great addition here. If you're a developer interested in this project, the requirements are HERE.