• The BJCP began as an organization based in the United States serving the English-speaking North America population, but now has a presence in over a dozen countries. This page is a reference for judges outside the United States to access non-English translations of BJCP materials, and for countries with local BJCP chapters to share country-specific information and resources.

    Translations of materials have been done by local speakers, not by the BJCP, so accuracy has not been independently verified. If you note any errors, or wish to add more links for your country, please contact the IT Director.

    If you would like to form a local chapter of the BJCP in your country, please contact our international point of contact. You may also use this address if you wish to be the local BJCP point of contact for judges and prospective judges in your country. We ask that you have a reasonable understanding of English and good knowledge of the BJCP to take on this job.

  • Australia
    • Australian National Homebrewing Conference web site
    • Australian Amateur Brewing Championships – national championship, includes links to style guidelines web site
    • Australian BJCP – references for BJCP judges in Australia web site
    Spanish – Español
    Argentina Chile Mexico Spain
    • Argentina contact: Carolina Perez
    • Chile contact: Ricardo Solis
    • Pautas de estilos BJCP (BJCP Style Guidelines 2008) PDF XLS. Gracias Carolina Pérez.
    • Estilo Dorada Pampeana (Pampas Gold beer style description) DOC
    • Estilo IPA Argenta (Argentine IPA beer style description) DOC
    • Somos Cerveceros Argentine Homebrewers Association
    • Centro de Cata de Cerveza Educación Cerveza en Español (Spanish language beer education)
    • Exam Scoresheet Word PDF
    • Exam Instructions DOC PDF
    • Judge Procedures Manual PDF
    • Competition Manual PDF
    Portuguese – Português
    Brazil Portugal
    • Many BJCP documents are being translated. If you wish to collaborate in the Portuguese translation effort, please contact Humberto Fröhlich. It is required that you first pass the online entrance exam in English.
    • Se você tem uma sugestão de correção para alguma das traduções para o português, por favor, clique aqui.
    • Exame de Admissão BJCP (Entrance exam) PDF
    • BJCP Study Guide PDF
    • Diretrizes de Estilo (Style Guidelines) PDF XML
    • Súmula de Cerveja (BJCP Beer scoresheet) PDF
    • Folha de Rosto (BJCP cover sheet) PDF
    • Ficha de avaliação de cerveja (Checklist scoresheet) PDF
    • Formulario de Identificação de Garrafa (Bottle ID form) PDF
    • Formulário de Inscrição de Receita (Recipe form) PDF
    • Exemplos de Súmulas Muito Bem Feitas (Scoresheet examples) PDF
    • Larousse da Cerveja (Encyclopedia of Beer, in Portuguese)
    • Acerva Gaúcha
    • Acerva Paulista
    • Acerva Carioca
    • Acerva Mineira
    • Acerva Catarinense
    • Acerva Paraná
    • Acerva Capixaba
    • Acerva Baiana
    German – Deutsch
    Germany Austria
    • Biersorten (BJCP Style Guidelines 2004) external link
    • Spezifikationen (BJCP Style Specifications 2008) XLS
    Hungarian – Magyar
    • BJCP Style Guidelines 2008 PDF
    Japanese – Nippon
    Polish – Polski
    Russian – Russkiĭ
    • Moscow homebrewers society forum URL
    • Moscow homebrewers brewiki URL
    • BJCP Style Guidelines 2008 URL PDF
    • BJCP Style Guidelines 2015 (draft) URL
    Czech – Česká
    Czech Republic
    Dutch – Nederlands
    • Bier Keurmeesters Gilde (BKG) [Dutch Beer Judges Association] – an independent organization, not part of the BJCP BKG web site
    Norwegian – Norske
    • Norwegian Homebrew Federation – an independent organization, not part of the BJCP Norbrygg web site
    Swedish – Svensk
    • Swedish Homebrewers Association – an independent organization, not part of the BJCP SHBF web site
    South Africa
    South Africa
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    Italy – Italia
    Ireland – Éire
    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom