• If it has been some time since you sat through the BJCP Exam, you might not even be aware of how detailed the feedback has become.

    We found some old ones (with very good scores) and thought you might find them interesting.

    This page is an opportunity to see how far wehave come since the early days of the BJCP Exam.

    How do we do it today?

    2007 RTP

    First, here is an actual RTP (edited just enough to avoid identifying it) that was created in the first quarter of 2007. The idea is simply to show the depth of detail that the feedback goes into for a typical exam.
    This one actually continued on with part of a fourth page, but you get the idea. It begins with a general overview, then provides specific feedback on both the tasting section and the essay section.



    How did we do it in the early days?

    1992 RTP

    Second, we have an RTP that was received after an exam administered in 1992. As you can see, it's a single page with a few checkmarks and a few words. But from the score at the bottom, it should be obvious that the examinee was happy to receive it.



    How did we do it in the beginning?

    1989 RTP

    The third example is the earliest for which we have a copy. Again, the checkmarks and a few sentences, but the interesting part is the second page, a letter from the grader to the examinee (the exams were not anonymous in the earliest days).