Best Practices for Exam Administration Now Available
The BJCP Exam Directors have completed a new best practices document for Exam Administrators that supplements and expands on other information from the Exam staff.
Jeff Sanders, Assistant Communication Director
> Number of exam sites allowed per year now at 120
> Exams slots fill up months in advance, but there are still no-shows
> Best practices intend to provide guidance to assist Exam Administrators to ensure success
> Free to download at /docs/ExamAdminGuide.pdf

The BJCP Exam Directorate has released a whitepaper, titled “Guidance for Administrators of BJCP Exams,” to provide best practices and specific direction for Exam Administrators.

The BJCP Exam Directorate, now 15 members in size, grew to address the increase in the number of Beer Tasting Exams, as well as the higher number of exams that may now be offered each month (from 8 to 10). The BJCP also instituted the ability for Exam Administrators to schedule “Large Tasting Exam Sites”, which include between 20 and 48 examinees. The Exam Directorate includes Exam Directors, an Assistant Exam Directors, and Associate Exam Directors.

With a Cider Exam on the near horizon, the Exam Directorate sough to publish tips and tricks for assisting Exam Administrators and Exam Proctors. The whitepaper supplements the BJCP’s existing “Exam Administration Procedures” document.

Included amongst the best practices are the BJCP’s position on:

  • Not requiring training classes
  • Avoiding frequent exam sites that do not fill all available seats
  • Collecting payments for the exam and setting deposit levels
  • Managing seat limits
  • Validating pre-requisites
  • Planning contingency
  • Suggestions for handling overflow

The whitepaper is the work of members of the Exam Directorate and is intended to be updated as more best practices become apparent. The whitepaper may be downloaded for free at /docs/ExamAdminGuide.pdf .


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