2008-2012 Treasurer's Reports Now Accessible on Web
One of the responsibilities of the BJCP Treasurer is to report to the organization its financial health. Treasurer's Reports from 2008-2012, which cover the finances of the BJCP and demonstrate the increasing growth of the Program, are now available.
Jeff Sanders, Assistant Communication Director
> The BJCP is in sound financial footing
> The BJCP in 2009 had recovered to the same condition prior to the William Slack treasury misappropriations
> The BJCP is making investments, including a new web site, a new email newsletter, CEP funds, among others, to continue to grow the program

The BJCP recently posted its 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 annual financial reports to the BJCP web site. Until recently, only the 2007 year and prior reports were available on the web site; the 2008-2012 reports had inadvertently not been uploaded to the server. Once the omission was brought to the attention of the Board, the reports were uploaded and linked.

The reports provide insights into some interesting trends over the last 6 years since the former BJCP Treasurer, William Slack, admitted to misallocation of BJCP funds. Based upon the reports:

  • The BJCP has been fiscally conservative over the last several years, seeking to re-build its treasury, while also budgeting for program growth.
  • Program events, such as Competitions and Exams, tend to generate more revenue than is anticipated. However, this surplus offsets the lack of budgeted income from Siebel flavor kits and other Merchandise.
  • The BJCP's IT operations costs are minimal, and every effort has been made to continue to keep costs low.
  • Continuing Education continues to be a focus for the BJCP, with the highest annual allocation of budget.

Recently the BJCP Board has voted to invest in additional IT operations assets, including a new web site and new email newsletter, to help modernize the program's Internet presence. CEP funds continue to be an available resources for program members, and several proposals for additional training and events are underway.

The 2008 through 2012 annual reports may be found at the following links:

The 2013 Annual Financial Report is in the process of being compiled and will be made available in March 2014.


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