Examples of Very Well Done Scoresheets (Legacy Exam)

In response to many requests, we are providing some examples of what we consider very well done scoresheets that were completed during actual BJCP exams. They have been sanitized to remove identifying information, but they show precisely what we hope to see in all scoresheets.

What makes these remarkable is that not only are they filled out extremely well, but the scores agreed exactly with the consensus scores of the experienced exam proctors.

The first two were done by a person who later became an important part of our organization.

The second two were done by one of our best and most active judges, also during an exam. They also represent the highest quality you're likely to see anywhere.

The third pair were done by another judge who has been with the program for a long time, and recently (2007) took the exam again. These are also considered absolutely top-notch examples.

Modern Tasting Exam Scoresheets

Since the BJCP transitioned to a tasting-only exam for new examinees, some people have requested a revised set of examples. Here is a set from a single exam in late 2013, all of which are judged to be Master-level sheets.

Final Thoughts

It's worth noting that all of these scoresheets were done under real time constraints in a high pressure situation, and without the benefit of any discussion to achieve consensus. Yet they all demonstrate the kind of feedback desired by the brewers who enter competitions.

Please feel free to download these and print them if you like. They may prove useful in preparing for the tasting portion of the BJCP exam.