• The first decade

    In the early days of the program, the BJCP was managed by two co-directors, one each appointed from the HWBTA and the AHA.


    Pat Baker 1985-1994
    Jim Homer 1985-1994

    After the BJCP became independent in 1995, who actually ran the organization?

    As you read in the history, the independent BJCP created in 1995 has been an all-volunteer organization. The guidance and direction has come from our Board of Directors, while the day to day running of the organization has been in the hands of the non-elected staff. These largely unsung heroes have done the nitty-gritty jobs that have made our current BJCP so successful and relevant to our original purposes. Without a dedicated, motivated, and highly talented group of people like these, there would be no BJCP today. Please buy them a beer if you have the opportunity.

    BJCP directors

    Competition Directors

    Tom Fitzpatrick 1996-1998
    Scott Birdwell 1998-2003
    Dave Houseman 2003-

    IT Directors

    Gordon Strong 2003-

    Assistant IT Director (position created 1/2006)

    Jamil Zainasheff 2006-2014
    James Golovich 2014-

    CEP Directors (position created 6/2005)

    Kris England 2005-2012
    Randy Scorby 2012-2016
    Bruce Buerger 2016-

    Assistant CEP Directors (position created 6/2005)

    Kevin Pratt 2005-2008
    Ted Hausotter 2005-2007
    Mike Heniff 2007-2008
    Joe Gerteis 2008-2012
    Fred Bonjour 2008-2012
    Steve Antoch 2012-2016
    David Teckam 2013-2015
    Bruce Buerger 2015-2016
    Randy Scorby 2016-
    Amanda Burkemper 2016-
    Julie Lawson 2016-

    Program Administrator (position phaseout started 2003, completed 2008)

    Russ Wigglesworth 1995-2008

    Exam Directors

    Scott Bickham 1995-1997

    East Exam Directors

    Jay Hersh 1997-1999
    Dan Hall 2000-2002
    Scott Bickham 2003-2005
    Tom Cannon 2006-2008

    West Exam Directors

    Scott Bickham 1997-1999
    Dave Sapsis 2000-2002
    Pete Garofalo 2002-2004
    Steve Piatz 2004-2008

    Exam Directors

    Steve Piatz 2008-
    Tom Cannon 2008-2016
    Scott Bickham 2008-
    Mike Lentz 2013-
    Frank Barickman 2013-2015
    Jim Wilson 2014-
    Brian Joas 2015-
    Ryan Thomas 2016-

    Assistant Exam Director (position created 3/2004)

    Todd Snyder 2004-2005
    Susan Ruud 2006-2014
    Sandy Cockerham 2014-
    Gail Milburn 2014-

    Associate Exam Directors

    Dan Hall 1995-1999
    Gregg Smith 1995-2000
    Norm Dickenson 1995-1999
    Rick Garvin 1995-1996
    Jay Hersh 1996-1997 replacing Rick Garvin
    Dave Sapsis 1997-1999 replacing Jay Hersh
    Jim Link 1999-2002 replacing Norm Dickenson
    Scott Bickham 1999-2002 replacing Dave Sapsis
    Pete Garofalo 1999-2002 replacing Dan Hall
    Steve Piatz 2000-2004 replacing Gregg Smith
    Dave Sapsis 2002-2004 replacing Pete Garofalo
    Gordon Strong 2002-2011 replacing Jim Link
    Dave Houseman 2003-2011 replacing Scott Bickham
    Peter Zien 2003-2011 fifth AD first named
    Pete Garofalo 2004-2010 replacing Steve Piatz
    Tom Cannon 2004-2006 replacing Dave Sapsis
    Chuck Bernard 2006-2009 replacing Tom Cannon
    Beth Zangari 2007-2008 sixth AD first named
    Charlie Gow 2008-2014 seventh AD first named
    Kevin Pratt 2008-2011 replacing Beth Zangari
    Dave Justice 2010-2013 replacing Chuck Bernard
    Mike Lentz 2011-2013 replacing Pete Garofalo
    Frank Barickman 2011-2013 replacing Gordon Strong
    Jim Wilson 2011-2014 replacing Dave Houseman
    Brian Joas 2012-2015 replacing Peter Zien
    Ryan Thomas 2013-2016 replacing Kevin Pratt
    Agatha Feltus 2013- replacing Dave Justice
    Andy Hejl 2013- replacing Mike Lentz
    Sandy Cockerham 2013-2014 replacing Frank Barickman
    Eric Jones 2013-2014 eighth AD first named
    Don Blake 2013- ninth AD first named
    Bill Bopp 2014- replacing Jim Wilson
    David Lytton 2014-2014 replacing Charlie Gow
    Josh Weikert 2014- replacing Sandy Cockerham
    Brian Eichhorn 2014- replacing Eric Jones
    Jim Koebel 2014- replacing David Lytton
    Dennis Mitchell 2016- replacing Ryan Thomas

    Communication Directors

    Ed Westemeier 2000-2008 (Newsletter editor: 1995-2000)
    Mike Dixon 2008-

    Assistant Communication Director

    Jeff Sanders 2013-2016
    Dennis Mitchell 2015-

    Finance Directors (position created 5/2016)

    Al Boyce 2016-