• Problems or questions for your regional representative

    Our seven elected reps are always available to respond to your questions or concerns. If you don't know which region you're in, go to the Officers page, where you'll even find a map. Use these links to send your rep an email.

  • Competition Questions

    Questions about the Sanctioned Competition Program

    Competition Director — comp_director@bjcp.org

  • BJCP Exam Questions

    We have phased out the East/West distinction with Exam Directors. Use the following alias to contact all three of them.

    Exam Directors — exam_director@bjcp.org

  • CEP Questions

    Need to ask about setting up a Continuing Education Program session?

    CEP Director — education_director@bjcp.org

  • Style Guideline Questions

    See the Style Guidelines FAQ if you want to suggest new styles for a future edition of the guidelines or report errors in the existing guidelines.

  • General Questions

    Press inquiries, copyright permissions, or forum issues

    Communication Director — communication_director@bjcp.org

    Misspellings, factual errors in content, navigation or browsing issues, or dead links

    Webmaster — webmaster@bjcp.org

  • Physical Mailing Address

    For the rare times when this is necessary, mail can be sent to:

    Beer Judge Certification Program, Inc.
    5115 Excelsior Blvd., #326
    St. Louis Park, MN 55416