New National and Above Judges for 2004


    As President of the BJCP for the past seven months, I am pleased to report substantial progress in many areas, and significant activity is underway in other areas. There is much to report.

    The first action of the Board was to approve the delayed advancements of three members to Grand Master I. I would like to welcome Steve Piatz, Ed Westemeier, and myself to the exalted rank of Grand Master. I wish Steve and Ed well and cheer on those who aspire to this level. Gordon Strong became the third Grand Master II effective July 2, 2004. This is an extremely hard feat to accomplish and Gordon is congratulated on making GMII and all the great service he has provided to the BJCP.

    The next order of business of the Board and the new officers in the beginning of June, 2004 was to implement significant changes to how the BJCP finances were handled. Many new controls were implemented, including three people having access to the bank account, requiring two signatures on any check over $500, requiring a quarterly financial report to the board, and mandating an annual financial report being posted for membership as required by the By-Laws, which has not been done in three years. Additionally, bonding has been taken out insuring the integrity of BJCP funds. A strong and well worked out budget for the last half of 2004 was passed in early July and the Board has passed a fiscally sound BJCP budget for 2005. There is currently a surplus in the operating budget for 2005.

    Additionally, upon assuming the duties of Treasurer, Al Boyce, in an inquiry to the IRS, learned that the BJCP never filed for 501c tax exempt status and never paid any income tax. This situation is being vigorously pursued with the IRS to rectify and correct the tax exempt status of the BJCP.

    Some of the progress made by the new board includes approving the new 2004 Style Guidelines which became fully effective on January 1, 2005. An Exam Review committee was initiated to update questions under the existing exam and to study making changes to the current exam format. The committee got off to a slow start but is now making substantial progress with a May 1, 2005 goal for completion. Currently chairing the Exam Committee is Ed Wolf, a PhD and faculty member at Virginia Tech and an expert in development of large scale tests and evaluation of education programs.

    In November, the Board approved implementation of a Continuing Education Program (CEP). The new Director, Kris England, a PhD candidate in Pharmacology at the University of Minnesota, and two assistant Directors, Ted Hausotter from Baker, Oregon and Kevin Pratt from Sacramento, California, have been selected to get the program up and running. The first order of business is to implement CEP Sessions by third parties, which should be in place within 90 days. They will then begin working on developing a tasting kit, developing a beer vocabulary for judging, and implementing a Products Education Program. They have their work cut out for them but I expect great things from Kris and his team. Anyone interested in participating on these committees contact the CEP Director.

    Along the line of merchandise, several things have taken place. Shirts, mugs and hats with the BJCP logo have been made available through Cafeshop.com. Both Recognized and Certified Judge Cloisonné lapel pins are available for purchase by judges, with special club group discounts available. These pins will be provided free to new judges starting in 2005. Additionally, within the next week, embroidered polos and long-sleeved shirts and hats with a selection of colors should be available for purchase.

    For 2005, some of the goals include clarification and revision of Grand Master Service Requirements including posting them for all to access, recognize participation on past committees with proper credit being awarded (this has been neglected for several years), establishment of committees to study and put together a BJCP Mead and Cider Certification, and once the Exam Committee has concluded its work, establish a Study Guide Revision Committee.

    On the down side, there is a criminal investigation underway concerning BJCP funds. In order not to jeopardize the investigation, it has been requested by law enforcement that certain information not be discussed or revealed at this time. Much energy and time has been expended on this matter over the past seven months.

    That summarizes the main activities of the Board over the past seven months. More information on finances will be released as the situation permits.

    Ron Bach
    President, BJCP


    (For the period July 1-December 31, 2004)

    This is the BJCP Financial Report the last six months of 2004. In July a new bank account was opened by the new BJCP Treasurer. No funds or records have been turned over by the previous treasurer so the outstanding balance can only be estimated but some information is available. The last published Annual report was December 31, 2001 with a balance of $35,908.52. During the period January 1, 2002 through June 30, 2004, no Annual Report of BJCP Finance was made. Reconstruction of income and expenses for this period has been undertaken and these estimates are provided as follows:
    • 01/01/02-12/31/02 - Income: $14,082.00 - Expenses: $4,443.03
    • 01/01/03-12/31/03 - Income: $18,459.00 - Expenses: $1,583./08
    • 01/01/04-06/30/04 - Income: $ 7,179.11 - Expenses: $4,571.82
    • Total estimated Balance as of June, 30, 2004: $65,030.70.
    There has been a criminal investigation underway regarding this matter for the past 5 months.

    The following is the BJCP Financial Report for the Period July 1-December 31, 2004 as prepared by the BJCP Treasurer, Al Boyce:

    BJCP Annual Financial Report
    December 31, 2004
    Income Year End
    Exams 5,460
    Contests 2,550
    Merchandise 0.49
    Other 833.28
    Returned Checks 0.00
    Total 8,843.77
    BJCP Grants 0.00
    Legal Fees 0.00
    Mailings: Examinees 0.00
    Mailings: Reimbursees 0.00
    Merchandise (for resale) 1,772.25
    Miscellaneous 50.00
    Office Supplies, etc. 620.98
    PO Box Rental 0.00
    Postage, misc. 841.06
    Printing: Examinees 0.00
    Recognition Pins 819.70
    Reimbursement: Exam Directors 9.57
    Reimbursement: Exam Proctor 98.00
    Reimbursement: Lead Grader 0.00
    Reimbursement: 2nd Grader 0.00
    Shipping: Merchandise 0.00
    Telephone 0.00
    Website 0.00
    Total 4,211.56
    Prior Balance 0.00
    Income 8,843.77
    Expenses 4,211.56
    Current Balance 4,632.21
    Checks Outstanding 223.55
    Account Balance Showing 4855.76

    Submitted by Al Boyce, Treasurer

    New National and Above Judges for 2004

    A big Congratulations! goes out to all the BJCP members who advanced during 2004. The number advancing was quite impressive with 45 National, 5 Master, 3 Grand Master I and 1 Grand Master II. These are truly motivated individuals who have demonstrated great ability to judge and contribute to the BJCP.
    Full Name Region State Rank
    Andrew Ager Northeast NH National
    Eric L. Asebrook Mid-Atlantic OH National
    Peter Ausenhus Midwest IA National
    Tom Baldwin Mountain/Northwest NV National
    Peter Bussa North MI National
    Brian Butenschoen Mountain/Northwest OR National
    Peter Caddo South LA National
    Chris Collier South GA National
    Andrew Craze Mid-Atlantic OH National
    Pete Devaris North AK National
    Jim Dexter Northeast MA National
    Michael Dixon South NC National
    John A. Donaldso South TX National
    Marvin Edgeworth Mountain/Northwest NV National
    Kristen England North MN National
    Peter A. Ensminger Northeast NY National
    Teri Fahrendorf Mountain/Northwest OR National
    Don C. Ferris South FL National
    Paul Gatza Mountain/Northwest CO National
    Karl Gunderson North ND National
    Ronald W. Hall Mountain/Northwest OR National
    Mike Hansen Midwest IA National
    Michael Heniff South TX National
    Travis Hixon Midwest TN National
    Betsy Kepler Mid-Atlantic VA National
    Keith Kost Mid-Atlantic PA National
    Adolph M. Litrenta Jr Northeast CT National
    Phil Markowski Northeast NY National
    Steve Marler Mid-Atlantic VA National
    Paul McGinnis Jr. Mid Atlantic PA National
    Gerry Nichols Northeast CT National
    Owen Ogletree South GA National
    Calvin Perilloux Mid-Atlantic MD National
    George Perrin South FL National
    Kevin Pratt West CA National
    Tom Schmidlin Mountain/Northwest WA National
    Steve Scoville Midwest TN National
    Lynn Roger Seelos South FL National
    Paul Shick Mid-Atlantic OH National
    Christopher Studach Mountain/Northwest OR National
    Donald Van Ollenfen South NC National
    Mark Wedge South TX National
    Philip J. Wilcox North MI National
    Mark Wilson Mountain/Northwest OR National
    Paul T. Zocco Northeast CT National
    G. Morgan Griffin West CA Master
    Ted Hausotter Mountain/Northwest OR Master
    David Teckam West CA Master
    John C. Tull Mountain/Northwest NV Master
    Beth Zangari West CA Master
    Ron Bach South FL Grand Master I
    Steve Piatz North MN Grand Master I
    Ed Westemeier Mid-Atlantic OH Grand Master I
    Gordon Strong Mid-Atlantic OH Grand Master II