The BJCP Board of Directors has one elected representative from each of the seven geographical regions. The current representative, Phil Sides, is not seeking reelection this year, and there are two candidates who are eligible under the bylaws to replace him.

If (and only if) you are a current BJCP member in the Mid-Atlantic region, please read the statements of the candidates, then cast your vote by following the link after the statements. Please consider it carefully, since you will be allowed to vote only once, and the FIRST vote you cast will be the only one counted. No hanging or dimpled chads.

Voting will be available until the end of the day (midnight) on May 1, 2005.

Candidate Statements

These statements have not been edited in any way, and have not been altered except for format to permit display on a web page. Both candidates stayed under the 500 word maximum.

Steve Marler

Gordon Strong

Like many of you, beer has become a hobby that slowly consumes you. I started home brewing in November of 1992. I became a member of the Brewers United for Real Potable (BURP) and started attending meetings in 1994. Home brewing and BURP slowly began to consume more of my time. I started stewarding home brew competitions. I became the prize coordinator for BURP's Spirit of Free Beer (SoFB) Competition. Not too long after that I became co-coordinator of the SoFB. Like a well carbonated beer, I rose up through the ranks of BURP, becoming Minister of Finance for two years and Fearless Leader (President) for a year. During that time I also expanded my beer enlightenment by taking the BJCP exam. I have worked hard, judged in many competitions, have started grading BJCP exams, and currently hold the rank of National BJCP judge. Now it is time to take the next step of beer consumption-- become a Regional BJCP Representative.

So you may ask, what will you do for me as my regional representative? My focus would be on make the Mid-Atlantic region more grass roots. I don't know about you, but I find the inner workings of the BJCP to be mysterious and somewhat secretive. I, again like many of you, already subscribe to too many list-servers and get too many e-mails. I am not a subscriber to judge net, so I probably miss out on much discussion. However, I do not believe that this should preclude BJCP members from being informed about what is going on and having their views heard by the board. As your representative I would hope to provide those of you who are interested with updates on the organization's activities and to solicit your input on decisions which are to be made.

If you decide to vote for me I will try to represent the interests of all the Mid-Atlantic BJCP members to the best of my ability. If you decide to vote otherwise, I understand and will be happy with my current level of consumption and will continue brewing great beer and judging home brew competitions.

I've been volunteering my services to the BJCP for almost as long as I've been a judge (1997). I started as an exam grader and have taken on additional responsibilities over time including becoming an Associate Exam Director (2002), IT Director (2003), and chairman of the 2004 Style Committee. I'm currently on the Exam Committee.

I'm an active brewer (over 110 batches) of beer, mead and cider, and have judged in over 115 competitions. I've taught four BJCP exam prep classes and helped over 30 people become beer judges. I was the third person to achieve the Grand Master II rank.

I've given three presentations on beer styles and judging at the AHA conference and MCAB. I was technical editor for Randy Mosher's Radical Brewing and Jeff Sparrow's Wild Brews books. I currently am on the "Commercial Calibration" tasting panel for Zymurgy, wrote the Zymurgy article "So you want to be a beer judge?" and am on the AHA Board of Advisors.

I have a track record of following through on my volunteer commitments to the BJCP, including large projects such as re-writing the BJCP database, setting up the judge web site to allow online access to judge records, and writing most of the new style guidelines. I do this while staying active in the hobby on a local and national level. Yes, my wife and daughter are quite understanding.

I'd like to become a BJCP board member to have a more direct role in shaping organizational policy. I'd like to see the BJCP become more responsive to its members and to be more transparent and accountable in its actions. I believe too many actions in the past have been conducted "behind closed doors" to the overall detriment of the organization. I also believe the BJCP has been very slow to either understand or respond to change.

I'm a beer enthusiast, and obviously have a number of beer-related hobbies. I think my broad background and rational perspective would help the BJCP. I believe in personal responsibility and accountability, lifelong learning, and maintaining a proper balance in life. I greatly value the friendships I've built over the years with other beer enthusiasts and judges, and strongly believe we should freely share information and help others learn. I also think it's important to remember that we're involved in a hobby, and that it should always be fun. Should I be fortunate enough to be elected to the BJCP Board, these are the principles that will guide my actions.

After carefully considering your choice, click here to vote no later than May 1st.