Help us improve the Style Guidelines

Here's your chance to help improve the BJCP Style Guide. If you think one or more of the style descriptions needs to be changed for any reason, this is how you can let us know about it.

We have created a section of our website for discussion forums, available for discussion of any BJCP matters. When you go there, you will find subsections devoted to specific styles or groups of styles, as well as more general sections. Our plan is that those suggestions that develop a consensus, or at least a fair amount of popular support, will be moved to the top of the list for consideration by our style guidelines committee when the next revision to the BJCP Style Guidelines is prepared.

Please use our forums to make your suggestion available to us all. You don't have to be a BJCP member to use the forums, but you do have to register in order to see all the previous discussions and to post new comments.